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About SNI

Sovereign Nations Insurance (SNI) was established and organized through the strength of an inter-Tribal association of Federally recognized sovereign Indian Tribes. It is a 100% Tribally owned and operated insurance company engaging in interstate and inter-Tribal commerce both on and off Reservations to members of Tribal Health Communities (THC), designated and ratified by sovereign Tribal Law.

Utilizing its standing as an organization of federally recognized Tribes, SNI works along with the Sovereign Nations Health Consortium and Native American Restoration Association to foster cooperation and synergy among Tribes, apolitically advocate at the local, regional, and national level for health care and insurance reform, stimulate awareness and economic development for participating Tribes and indigenous groups, and stimulate awareness and economic development for participating Tribes and indigenous groups, and promote access to cost-effective health insurance services.

Established on a framework of inter-Tribal Agreements, inter-Tribal Constitutions, Bylaws and Model Tribal Community Health & Insurance Codes, SNI is well-positioned to provide outstanding health care and benefit solutions throughout the United States to all members of its Tribal Health Communities.

Assurance is found in our Sovereign Strength.

Our Mission

In order to restore our legacy, we need to help you protect yours. SNI was founded on the belief that health care can heal more than individuals; it can heal communities. Our mission is to preserve and empower our people by meeting their needs while reducing costs and simplifying health care.

As access to health care is gained, communities are strengthened and restored. As we heal individually, we can grow economic development opportunities for Native Americans. Sovereign Nations Insurance provides coverage to all members of the Tribal Health Community and remains culturally connected as we honor age-old Tribal traditions.

Our Team

Dallon Echo Hawk


Reuben Johnson


Zaine Ristau


Natalie Duran

HR Director

Tuputasi Reid

Account Executive

Trenedee Lutui

Account Executive

Reegan Berry

PR Director

Ben Johnson

Compliance Specialist

Mychon Furrow

Administrative Assistant

Our Board of Directors

Chairwoman Darlene Arrum

Kanosh Band of Paiute Indians

Chairwoman Carmen Clark

Shivwits Band of Paiutes

Chairman Rupert Steele

Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Reservation