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Cancellations must be received at least 5 business days prior to the next premium draft date to avoid premiums being withdrawn for the following month. There are no retroactive cancellations or refunds.

Cancellation Policy

Policy coverage will automatically renew unless a policyholder elects to cancel coverage. A policyholder may request to cancel coverage effective at the end of their coverage period by submitting written notice to SNI Customer Service at least 5 business days prior to their next premium draft date. This will result in no refund being issued to the policyholder. It is important to note there are no retroactive cancellations. Any medical expenses incurred after the date of cancellation, or between the time of policy cancellation and any policy reinstatement, will not be covered by SNI.

Reinstatement Policy

If an SNI policyholder cancels coverage and elects to reinstate coverage at a future date, all waiting periods and guidelines will reset as of the new effective date of coverage. Reinstated coverage benefit accumulations will follow the Plan Year prior to the initial cancellation. Any medical expenses incurred between the time of cancellation and the reinstatement of the policy will not be covered by SNI.

Refund Policy

New SNI policyholders receive a 30-day Right to Examine Period beginning on their active date. This provides all policyholders the opportunity to fully read and understand the plan documents, as well as the plan in which they have selected to enroll. Should a policyholder wish to cancel their policy during the Right to Examine Period and prior to accessing any health care services, they are required to contact SNI Customer Service directly in writing. Upon receipt of the requested cancellation, a full refund of the first monthly premium and any enrollment fees will be processed. However, there will not be any retroactive refunds permitted should a member exceed the Right to Examine Period. Additionally, this cancellation will result in a flat cancellation as no coverage was ever enforced resulting in the member being fully responsible for all health care charges

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