Sovereign Nations Insurance


Legal Notice

As sovereign Tribal Nations within the United States, the wholly Tribal owned Sovereign Nations Health Consortium and its wholly-owned health insurance company Sovereign Nations Insurance, along with the wholly-owned inter-Tribal membership organization, all operate in accordance with federal law and Tribal law. The headquarters and operations of SNHC, SNI, and NARA are on Tribal Reservation land, held in trust by the United States of America for the Tribes, where general state regulatory laws do not apply and are preempted by Tribal laws and Congress’ plenary authority over Indian affairs in addition to U.S. Constitutional bars to state authority over interstate and inter-Tribal commerce. Tribal law governs the operation of SNHC, SNI, and NARA and your consensual contractual relationship with these entities. As wholly-owned Tribal entities, SNHC, SNI, and NARA are absolutely immune from suit or claim of any kind, except as prescribed by Plan documents.